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This page was created mainly as a place to put reviews and comments on books I've read. As people go, I think I'm a fairly slow reader. I also don't feel that I'm especially well-read, at least as far as bibliophiles go. But perhaps I'm too hard on myself; I don't watch much TV, and I don't read a whole lot of junk. Plus, I subscribe to many periodicals, which cuts into my time for reading books. So maybe I do okay.

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I've moved my SF reviews and commentary to this page.

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Favorite Bookstores

Some of my favorite bookstores, new and used, around the United States.

  • Avenue Victor Hugo, Newbury St., Boston, MA: A large selection of used books.
  • Bookbuyers, Mountain View, CA: A huge used bookstore.
  • Borderlands Books, San Francisco, CA: A science fiction bookstore carrying used hardcovers and paperbacks, and new hardcovers and oversized paperbacks.
  • Dark Carnival, Berkeley, CA: Science fiction specialty store, with a very large selection of new books and a small number of used books.
  • Future Fantasy, Mountain View, CA: Science fiction and mystery specialty store, carries new books. Their Web site also has many links to other SF resources.
  • Kepler's Books, Menlo Park, CA: A good independent new bookseller, right next to Cafe Borrone, a terrific coffee shop.
  • Know Knew Books, Palo Alto, CA: Smaller than Bookbuyers, but often stocking rarer books at nonetheless good prices.
  • Pandemonium Books & Games, Cambridge, MA: A small but eclectic science fiction specialty store, with both new and used books.
Also, Bookfinder is my search engine of choice for booksellers who list their wares on-line.

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