Sunday, 21 February 1999:

Can I Take a Break Yet?

Round-up of today's activities:

Woke up around 9:30 am, and read the newspaper and the latest Comics Buyer's Guide.

Spent the morning moving objects around, and also writing letters to periodicals with C.O.A. information. Dull? You betcha.

I packed up my stacks of old newspapers and magazines and bagged or tied them to bring down to the garbage room - which, incidentally, is very full, and not with my stuff. As I was finishing this, I got a call from Karen and we got together around 12:30 to go out for brunch, which was nice and relaxing and tasty. Afterwards we went by her house and I picked up the Babylon 5 tapes I'd lent her before Christmas.

Came home and sorted through piles of clothes in my closet. Basically, as I've gained weight over the last six years I've saved many clothes in hopes of losing weight sometime. I actually was able to wear a few of them towards the end of my biking endeavors last summer, so it may not have been a "waisted" (ouch!) effort. But it will probably be a long time before I get into the 34-inch-waists again. Anyway, I sorted clothes into those I want to keep, those I won't wear because they're faded or a color I no longer like, but which I can donate to Goodwill, and those which are torn or otherwise not really suitable for anyone to wear. Those last ones I'll throw out. All-in-all I probably am ditching 40% of the clothes, which is not bad, and I neatly folded all the rest.

I'm not sure what else I did in the mid-afternoon; read through documents from Epic and from the movers, maybe; I need to take care of some stuff with each of them tomorrow.

A little after 4:00 I went over to the house of the current APA official editor, Jae, to help collate the APA. I got there 20 minutes late, and was still the first one there, but Jae and I got all the APAs collated pretty quickly and were nearly done when other people arrived. Then Jae set things up to collate a couple of hundred copies of her own fanzine, and I suggested that we arrange things in a long row and just have everyone pitch in, and in fact we got the whole thing collated and mostly stapled in very short order. I think Jae was surprised, but of course collating goes quick when things are properly arranged and you have the manpower.

Afterwards we ordered pizza and sat around and talked. Got to hear a little of the inside scoop on Vernor Vinge's new novel A Deepness in the Sky (due out any day now!) from someone who should know. I can't wait! However, I think I will wait until I hit California before I pick it up. I have plenty to keep me entertained on the plane.

When I got home I set the oven on its self-cleaning mode, which takes over four hours! So it's a little after 11:00 now and it's not quite done. Sigh. But I guess it beats scrubbing it. I'll be doing plenty of scrubbing tomorrow and Tuesday. But boy, the apartment sure stinks while the oven is cleaning itself. Eew.

Then I sat down and went through my batch of saved-up videotapes (gosh, I do love Batman Beyond) and did my income taxes. Next year's taxes will suck, but this year's were simple as always. I just always go over them two or three times to make sure I don't miss anything. (I did catch an error in my federal tax; I nearly paid one extra dollar.) It'll be good to just get them out of the way.

I also picked up another stray apartment key, and talked to my Mom on the phone for half an hour or so. She seems to think that I'm being very organized about everything and that everything should go fine. I hope so! Tomorrow I'll call Dad. I figure I should talk with each of them while we still have only a one-hour time differential.

And, that pretty much covered it.

Jefferson has finally warmed up to the kennels sitting in the apartment; he and Newton have each spent plenty of time sitting in the kennels. Hopefully it will make the traumas of travelling a little easier on them.

By the way, if you want to be added to my notification list while I'm on hiatus, please state so clearly in any e-mail you send me. I won't assume that an e-mail with the subject "Notification List" means you want to be added; you may only be asking a question, or taking advantage of the link for other purposes. Guess I should have mentioned that yesterday.

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