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Gazing into the Abyss: Michael Rawdon's Journal


Almost There...

So in the last couple of days I've:

  1. Signed all the closing documents.
  2. Gotten the astoundingly large cashier's check and delivered it to the title company.
  3. Called the phone, power and water companies to sign me up for my new place.
  4. Done the final walk-through of the property with my agent.
Everything seems to be going really smoothly, so hopefully closing will happen on time and the place will be mine on Thursday. There's the possibility of some delay just because of how busy the mortgage companies are, and the fact that yesterday was a holiday, but hopefully I'll get the keys no later than Friday. Wish me luck!

So now I'm just waiting. And packing. Debbi and I packed many of my clothes last night, and tomorrow we'll probably do many of my dishes. There's not a whole lot left to pack! And that's a good thing!


This has been a busy week otherwise, too. For one thing, the Powerbook I ordered arrived. I decided that the latest rev of the Powerbooks is nifty enough to be worth dropping some real money on, so I bought one, and it's pretty darned nice! Thin, light, fast, and of course it doesn't run Windows, which is always a plus. I plan to use it for writing, development (both for work and for personal stuff), and of course games. Gosh, Apple makes some great products.

Plus, I received some books from Amazon, including Sean McMullen's Eyes of the Calculor, Robert Charles Wilson's The Chronoliths, and The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge. I've been looking forward to the first for a while, and the third collects Vinge's many short stories which have been out of print for a while now. The middle one just looked interesting and has gotten good reviews.

And last night Debbi and I watched the Enterprise episode "The Andorian Incident" from a couple of weeks back. It was a big step forward from its predecessors, although it really honks me off when T'Pol provides entirely reasonable advice and the crew treats it lightly, as happens here when she provides information on the protocols to observe when meeting with a group of Vulcan monks. It doesn't make sense to treat useful information about potentially touchy situations so lightly, and it just makes them all seem terribly unprofessional. Still, this episode did have a clever surprise at the end (which I only figured out a few minutes before it was revealed), which was good enough not to be marred by the complete lack of a denouement (a common problem with Next Gen and later Trek series).

I'm still far from sold on the series, though. Overall it's been very weak so far. Some people might say "Give it a chance. Next Gen was weak out of the gate, too, but got better later." But really good series are good from the very beginning, and Next Gen was never more than acceptable; it was never a great series by any stretch of the imagination.


Other stuff I have to do this week:

  1. File a CoA with the Post Office.
  2. Start alerting businesses that I'm moving.
  3. Call the Cable TV company about my new place.
  4. Take my suit in to be altered. (I tried it on this weekend and it's in good shape but the slacks are too big at the waist.)
I'm almost there!

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