Wednesday, 3 February 1999:


After a weekend in which I mostly kept to myself, I decided I needed to get out and see people, so last night I went to a stickering party for a mailing that SF3 is doing to clean up our mailing list. (This is the mailing for which I was learning CGI over the weekend; we have a page for people to respond to the mailing if they choose.) Although my head was spinning after two and a half hours of stickering, it was basically a good time, since I'm pretty good at menial tasks, and there was plenty of conversation.

Why stickering? Well, partly because for the mailing we're sending out recent WisCon flyers and we had custom stickers (yay, Kinko's!) with response information; the goal of the mailing is for the recipients to respond if they want to remain on our mailing list, otherwise we'll be dropping them. And, we're only sending the mailing to a subset of our list which we have reason to believe may no longer be valid (e.g., people who haven't been to a WisCon in seven years). We're doing this mailing using bulk mail, so we had to put address labels on and group the flyers together for the Post Office (bulk mail means "pre-sorted"). Of course, the computer which printed the stickers did all the sorting ahead of time; we just need to apply them to the flyers so as not to screw things up.

Boy, that was probably way more than you needed to know, huh?

And then tonight, I went down to the weekly SF3 social thing, and hung out for a while. It sounds like there will be a going-away party for me before I head to California, which is pretty cool. It's nice to be liked.

Today was comic book day, as usual. Since I'll only be in town a few more weeks, I'm raiding my comic book store of items I know I want which I'm not sure I'll easily find elsewhere. While, of course, trying not to break the bank - or accumulate a sheepload of extra stuff for the movers to move.

This week's haul included:

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