Wednesday, 6 August 1997:

Dedication Day

Well, there's no time like the present to get started, I guess.

For some reason, my graphic design sense has never extended to computer graphics, and I still think my overall Web page's layout is rather lame. But I think a couple days' worth of tinkering with these journal pages has made them look relatively spiffy. Still, it's a good thing I'm a programmer and not a Web page designer! But I figure that a couple days is enough time: It's time to fish or cut bait, and actually write some content.

I'm feeling more than a little self-conscious about starting this project. Once upon a time I was a very open person - I had very few secrets. I'm a lot more secretive these days, in many ways, and it's a very strange feeling to know that I'm going to be opening myself up here in some ways, and to people I've never met, and may well never meet!

Plus, it seems like I always have so many other projects I want to work on at any given time, that I can't help but thinking that this one is rather frivolous. Other projects I'd also like to work on this month: Writing a science fiction story, reading some novels (I'm a third of the way through John Brunner's Stand on Zanzibar, which is a 650-pager), teaching myself Java programming, watching a baseball game, playing with my cats. I'm already committed to helping a friend move this weekend (my arms are still sore from helping another friend move last weekend!).

So little time. It seems like I didn't have this problem when I was a kid!

I think I'm going to wait until I get a week's worth of entries up here before I join the Open Pages Webring. That will give me a chance both to prove to myself that I can actually keep writing regularly for at least a little while, and let me back out if I get too uncomfortable with the idea of writing this journal. Of course, if I do the latter, you'll likely never know this even existed!

But I shouldn't be so downbeat; hopefully, this will turn out to be fun and interesting!

So, what happened to me today?

It turns out that the Teamsters' Union strike against UPS has disrupted the distribution of comic books, as my local shop says this week's haul won't come in 'til tomorrow. Usually, Wednesday is comic book night. Even so, I still support the Union on principle; missing some comics is small potatoes by comparison.

And besides, I finally found a copy of the first paperback collection of the Thieves and Kings comic, and bought it and the second volume. The art is a little too Manga-style for my tastes, but the story looks rather charming, and I expect I'll enjoy it as I read it in bits over the next week.

I guess that's enough to start. I'll be back with more tomorrow. I hope!

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